Search Engine Optimization

Here is a quick list of the most relevant classification criteria for the domain: #1-Exact match domain The exact match or EMD domains, as they are called, used to be easily categorized.

Google did take strong action with the EMD update, however.
Because you still get a little value from a particular domain of matches. But now, to please the website, it has an excellent overcoat (patent) Congratulations to the update EMD!
#2-Domain keywords A domain that includes a keyword will not help you rank above a brand domain name.
Thus using a keyword in your domain will benefit people who are looking for a better understanding of what your site is about, promote more clicks from relevant people.
#3-Domain History Your domain history also affects your website results.
In the past, when the domain was having problems with Google via spam links or poor neighborhoods, classification will be more difficult. See what Google’s searching for.
#4 — Domain age John Mueller has checked via Twitter that if he has an old domain name or a new domain name, the Google search results ranking will not be affected.
Older domains however typically have more backlinks, which has a direct effect.
Read more on how to use old SEO domains.
#5-Domain Registration Date Google said in a patent application.