Google Ranking Factors

Off-Page SEO

Nevertheless, instead of a single domain name, it’s always easier to get more connections from different domains.
3. Connection page Domain authority. Not every single page is the same. References to pages with higher domain authority will be a more important factor than those in domains with low authority. So you have to work hard to connect from high-domain websites.

4. Relevance related links. Some SEOs think more important to search engines are links to pages related to your subject.
5. Authority to bind domain. A domain authority can also be a factor in rankings. A link from a low authority page to a website with greater authority will therefore be worth more than that of a reduced domain authority.
6. Links come from a home page. Also, some SEOs believe links on a competitor domain homepage are better than those on one of their web pages.
7. All obey a variety of connections. Google has officially declared that the nofollow links (link to rel= nofollow attribute attached) are not counted. The number of links you’re following should therefore also influence your ranking.
8. Diversity of linking styles. It’s also important what sort of links you build to your website. Too many same form of links could be an indication of spam and have a negative effect on your ranking.
9. Contextual relations. It’s said the links in this website’s material are worth more than, for example, the links in a sidebar.
10. Knead the anchor. A link’s anchor text was a powerful ranking item. It can today be used as an Internet spam predictor which has a negative impact on its classification.