Best 10 IT Companies

2. Samsung

market value: Samsung Electronics Co.: KRW 347.78 billion (USD 298.68 billion). Ltd. was founded in 1969 and operates three divisions: consumer electronics, telecommunications and communications systems and information technology.

Few outside South Korea realize that in reality Samsung’s parent company is a conglomerate with broad interests in everything from shipbuilding to life insurance. It accounted for roughly a quarter of most Korean exports at the time of writing. Samsung is best known for its electronics in many corners of the world. In 2014 Samsung introduced 125 countries to the Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Gear system.

3. Microsoft

Market Value: US$ 1.10 billion Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) has resurfaced with a drastically updated business plan and a completely different mindset after a few years in the shadow of Apple. Although he is the third best technology company on the Forbes list, his actions during the old 2019 put him at the top in terms of market capitalisation. The $1 billion mark was just narrowly surpassed.

Microsoft has introduced monthly payment plans to use its omnipresent Office software, and has grown its own cloud services sector substantially. Using its line of Surface tablets, which is currently sold with many brands using the Microsoft Windows operating system, it has entered the hardware field with some success.

At least for today, the company has effectively lost the smartphone market to Apple and Google’s Android device manufacturers. He changed his statement of mission to reflect his desire to pave the way for growth. It is known at the time of writing this article that Microsoft is heavily investing in creating artificial intelligence applications.

4. Alphabet

Market Value: $878.48 billion To date, it is better to call it Google, but it was in October 2015 that Google restructured its parent company to make Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGLE). Alphabet has all of Google’s secondary products, as well as the leading search engine, such as the Calico life extension service, the creative Google X technology programmer, the Fiber broadband Internet network and the smart home project. Google Nest. Alphabet also owns Google Invest, investing in new companies, and Google Capital, investing in long term jobs.

5. Intel

Market Value: $245.82 billion Intel Corporation (INTC) appears to have slipped to second place as a semiconductor chip maker in Samsung’s earnings, but its X86 microprocessor series remains the one within very personal computers.

Cloud development is another area of interest to Intel, too. In a tweet, the organization said it was a way of modernizing companies using this cloud. In November 2016, Intel announced enhancements to its Intel scalable platform would allow high-performance computing to be provided to more industries.

6. IBM

Market Value: USD 120.03 billion The oldest corporation on this list was founded in the 1880s to develop a proprietary “machine scale,” International Business Machines (IBM). It remains one of the world’s most respected brands, although in 2005 it offered Chinese company Lenovo its best-known operation market, personal computers. IBM still manufactures commercial hardware and software, and has invested heavily in hosting companies, consulting and providers of cloud computing worldwide.

7. Facebook

market value: USD 552.39 billion Since its launch in February 2004, Facebook, Inc. (FB) has expanded at an exponential rate with an average of 2.27 billion active users per month. Facebook now faces a strong global expansion cap, and plans to expand through acquisitions. Both include Facebook and WhatsApp.

8. Hon Hai Precision

Market capitalization: TWD 1.18 billion ($38.72 billion) Best known in the United States as the Foxconn Technology Group, Hon Hai Precision is a Taiwan-based multinational producer of electronic products. This has US customers for its production products, such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Hon Hai operates large factories in twelve towns and Chinese countries, from Brazil to Malaysia.

9. Tencent

market value: for Tencent (TCEHY), a Chinese conglomerate, U.S. $3.02 billion technology products and Internet-related services are only a secondary activity. It is one of the world’s largest gaming companies, and one of its biggest venture capital teams, among other things. Tencent is renowned in China for its Web portal and instant messaging solutions. It also retains the Chinese rights to international franchises, including the purchase of MGM franchise rights for James Bond and the Disney Star Wars franchise.


Market Value: USD 180.54 billion Oracle Corporation (ORCL) is a software and hardware development company headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, specializing in database management systems. Oracle has made important investments for companies in the future of cloud computing. It also provides complementary services as well as its hardware and software products, such as leasing, training and consulting. Although it was the third biggest technology company in 2018 in terms of profit, at the bottom of the technology record.